Granulated MS

Granulated calcium carbonate, characterized by high whiteness and by a low content of heavy metals. Owing to the wide range of particle sizes produced, it satisfies the requirements of the following markets: animal feed, paints, plasters, the building industry, glues, adhesives, water treatment, flue gas treatment, etc.


                              PARTICLE SIZE DISTRUBUTION                        

MS 0/07

 0-0,7   mm

MS 0/07 free from dust

0-0,7   mm

MS 0,5/1

 0,5-1   mm

MS 1/1,5

 1-1,5   mm

MS 1,5/2,5

 1,5-2,5   mm

MS 0/2

 0-2      mm

MS 2/4

 2-4      mm

GR 15

 0-1,5   mm

GR 25

 1,5-2,5 mm